Remarketing is a technique of website search engine marketing wherein you approach out to users who have shown interest in the past towards your products/services or have visited your website in the past. Google remarketing ads get displayed when people are browsing the web, reading blog/news sites or watching YouTube videos though don't know about your brand/website. They would start to watch your remarketing advertisements on relevant platforms across the internet. Users who have just viewed your website or content and have not converted to customers go through remarketing. Google Adwords remarketing delivers many advantages. It enhances brand exposure, visibility, value and conversions. Google remarketing cost price will differ from campaign to campaign. Advertisements in popular competitive indi=ustries cost more than less spoken industries. Remarketing is used to promote a service or product to users who are interested or have viewed it earlier and haven't made the decision to buy or avail it.


Why Remarketing is a necessity for your business


Bensonfox is the most reputed digital marketing agency when it comes to remarketing and retargeting. Having served 75+ clients we have the experience to create professional, cost-effective and result-driven advertisement campaigns for you. Firstly we tend to understand your business model, we do in-depth research on how to generate brand visibly and leads that will help in conversions. Many times a user shows an interest in a service or product but fails to get converted, and that's the obstacle we together need to work upon. For example, the shopping cart page of an e-commerce site is left with 3 products user added in but due to issues like a high price, low decision making power or leaving doubt in his/her mind after availing or purchasing it. We at Bensonfox will retarget such users through remarketing and keep reminding them about it by displaying those ads on various platforms like websites, search engine and social media. This is how remarketing works and is a perfect technique to increase client base and retention opportunities.

Know the benifits of Remarketing

Standard Remarketing


Remarketing involves a visitor who already has visited your webpage but due to some obstacles refused to avail/purchase your brand offering. Such visitors are primarily targeted for increased conversions and retarget them efficiently. These are targeted by social media.

Dynamic Remarketing


The ad displayed to a visitor on the basis of his/her particular behaviour/actions on your website. This includes ad displays that are specifically created for a user who is viewing it. It boosts their chances of approaching back to your website for making a purchase.

Email  Remarketing

email (1).png

This ad model helps to display your ads to those users who have opened the email on your website, clicked the link but didn’t make a purchase. You can send targeted follow up emails to those visitors and convince them to approach back on your webpage to make a purchase.

Search Ads



Remarket a group of audience that visited your site by entering a query on the search engine but failed to avail your product or service and still are looking for the same on other sites. This is an effective way to increase leads and sales by targetting them by email reminders and google ads.