In today’s competitive digital world, search engines have become an essential medium of marketing across the corporate and business world including hospitality, healthcare and educational institutions. Search engines are query service tools that allow people to locate a range of information on the internet Additionally, they serve as powerful marketing and advertising space for business players to expand their customer base and increase brand popularity. Search engine marketing is the key to boost your digital presence and gaining brand value. Most businesses, however, jump into marketing techniques without fully understanding its working. Search engine marketing is one of the most cost-saving ways to connect your business/service with a range of customers and increase your brand value. SEM advertising has a great benefit that you can take advantage of user's online behaviour and place your ads perfectly when they are looking for services as per their expectations & see your advertisement and are ready to purchase immediately.



Pay-per-click (PPC) is a vital part of SEM marketing technique used to boost the visibility of your website in the result page. Our search engine marketing experts analyze and research popular keywords according to search volume and deliver the best ad response and conversions. Our 5+ years of experience will help increase your Quality Score and generate traffic and conversions to your website pages. The better an agency is meeting your prospects’ needs, the fewer search engines will charge you for every advertisement click and conversion through ads. It doesn't matter if you own a local store, a wide-scale eCommerce business or a corporate company, online paid advertising should be an integral part of your marketing strategy to generate sales and brand value. Search engine marketing experts at Bensonfox have researched that SEM not only helps to generate news sales but also the retention of previous customers. Acquiring SEM to your marketing plan puts your business/service 10 times ahead of those who still rely upon traditional advertising. With SEM service at Bensonfox, you get to reach a wide range of users online and convert them as your regular clients.

Why SEM is essential for you


Welcome to one of the most reputed Search Engine Marketing agency in India. Study shows that more than 95 per cent of online queries begin with a search engine, in short gaining high visibility of your brand advertisement seen by users of the same interests, region or requirements. Here are a few benefits you'll get from Bensonfox SEM services.

Specific Targeting - targeting the right audience is always time and money-saving also helps gain better results   

Brand Visibility - when a large audience notices your advertisement, your brand gets attention and help generate traffic

Customized Campaigns - you can decide your budget, advertisement content, keywords, audience targeting

Increased Conversions - continuous campaigns give immediate results for sales and conversions year over year


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Know the difference between SEO, PPC, SEM

People generally get confused between these 3 marketing techniques and it ok. We will clarify this confusion. All 3 techniques are digital marketing techniques used for brand visibility, generating traffic and focussing on lead generation. 

Search Engine Optimization - is a technique to improve your website rankings by working upon several factors like keyword optimization, website structure, page speed etc. Ranking of your website will decide the traffic and visibility of a website on SERP.

Pay Per Click - is a technique where the advertiser pays a sum of money to the host to publish the advertisement on various platforms. Every click done by a user on your ad leads you to pay that amount to the host. SEO is not paid whereas PPC is a paid model.

Search Engine Marketing - when a brand gets attention on the search engine result page by any technique. Mostly these techniques are paid like PPC (google ads).