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Why Influencer Marketing?


Social media advertising is the most trending technique of advertising that definitely gives results. We at Bensonfox provide the best profitable social media marketing services in Pune. Our team of experts knows to target the audience that will give you high conversion rates. We also specialize in designing professional advertisement layouts with paid software and graphics.  Our 5+ years of experience in the marketing field establishes our reputation in the market. Today social media platforms are used by people for all geographical areas, age groups, genders, etc. On an avg a person spends at least 30min of 24hrs on social media may it be Youtube, Whatsapp, Instagram, or even Facebook. An advertiser should take advantage of these platforms to promote their sales or product through target marketing.

Our Solid Influencer Network


Brand Connections


Successful Collaborations


Guranteed ROI

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Desgning The Creative For Ad

Targetting Relevant Followers

Managing Ad Budget

Tracking and Reporting of Ad

Best Influencer Marketing Service in Pune

Having a presence on social media platforms has been a necessity to connect with new customers and stay in touch with old ones. Our creative team has experience with multiple strategies for advertisement campaigns. You don't need to spend too much money, time, and resources on this. Our affordable packages and professional team are there to promise you a high ROI. Right from uploading a professional profile picture to running classifieds on your account, all will be taken care of. We also review metrics and focus on gaining a certain number of followers on your account on daily basis. Gone is the time when you went searching for new customers. It's time that your potential customers find you which will automatically increase your brand value. We do deep research on people's behavioral patterns, track the latest trends, and make sure the account contents keep them tied. Bensonfox digital marketers make sure of things like consistent brand value, measuring success rate on monthly basis, all-time competitor tracking, and promotion of services/products on your account.

What Makes Us Different?

Cross Platform Promotion

Use of Latest Technology

Performance Marketing

Tracking and Reporting

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