The most effective way to drive traffic on a website is by an organic method called Search Engine Optimization. It decides the ranking of the website on the result page through keywords, page speed etc. Contact Bensonfox today, to kickstart your marketing journey.


Increasing and tracking online visitors on your website by optimizing website content. This method will help you build revenue of your brand per customer. Here we focus on landing pages, sales funnel etc.


Promote your brand and services with rich and unique content. We optimize content for SEO, articles, blogs etc. Creative and innovative content will drive more traffic to your platform and help gain leads.


Re-market and re-target the users who missed to avail of your product or service earlier. Target these users through ads on platforms like a search engine, social media etc. Get more sales through this as big brands do.


Pay Per Click is an advertising technique, where the advertiser pays a certain sum of money to the publisher whenever the user clicks the ad. One such example is Google  Ads. This is a complete ROI technique. Contact Bensonfox today to kickstart your marketing journey.


A trending way to connect with users across the globe & easily target segments & achieve referral traffic. Enter the market of Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp etc. and boost your sales like never before.


Due to a lack of patience, people prefer viewing visuals rather than text. Videos help users understand your brand and boost the chances of high conversion rates. Our team will also help you with Youtube Ads.


Opportunity to increase the visibility of your website to promote your business online, reach a global customer base at an affordable price.  Reach your target leads within a short spam, since we take care of marketing.


Email marketing is a way to connect directly to a user. May it be subscription forms, feedback, cart reminder or new details about the latest product and services. We design rich content mails that benefit your brand.


A new way to approach influencers like YouTubers, celebrities and make them promote your brand services. Influencers will affiliate your products and help you get leads.